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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is over, but whats one more scare?

I had been putting off my monthly weigh in for a couple weeks and I finally just bit the bullet. In a month in a half I gained two pounds. After the way I had been eating and my lack of exercise I considered that a scale victory. I was a little bummed tho since I was close to 10 pounds. I hate that its taken me so long to lose 7-10 pounds, but I haven't been trying as hard as I should. comes the scary part. I took pictures. I figured I would take them after I showered last week. You know how in those commercials the before picture is someone washed out looking with their hair or make up not done, and the after is all tan and dolled up? I figured I would try the same thing. So here goes....don't say I didn't warn you.

If I could just have FUPA lipo....I'd be happier than a pig in shit.

Annnnnnnnnd there is a side view for ya.

So yeah....seeing pictures semi-nakie is a real opener. I also decided to take my measurements too.

Neck: 16 Chest: 40 Waist: 42 Hips: 45 L. Calf: 16 R. Calf: 16 L. Arm: 16 R. Arm: 16

So if that wasn't motivating, I don't know what is. I actually went to the gym on Thursday....somewhere I haven't been in a LONG time. It felt great after I was done, just getting there is the hard part. I walk/jogged a mile, lifted some weights, and I rode the bike.

Wooooo.....425 calories down.

I still haven't had fast food, have had only one or two more sodas since last month, and I'm still chipping away at my credit card debt. I am trying to add exercise back in. I'd love to hit my 10,000 calorie/month goal at some point, but getting in any activity is what I'm aiming for.

My new challenge is going to be trying a new recipe each week. It can be low cal or heart attack on a plate, but I just need to start cooking more. I made homemade french dips last week, and they were FAB.

So here is to a new month, a month full of challenges with delicious food.


  1. You can do it Jami!!

    I do have to tell you... you made me bust out laughing when I read "I'd be happier than a pig in shit."

  2. I also loved that quote! You can total do this Jami! And...I think you look pretty good in your pics. I'd love to have your mid section. My stomach really needs lipo. Ugh!

    Anyways - You can do this one day at a time. Just try and stay OP and get AP's and eventually you'll see the results. It's taken me since Jan to lose 30 lbs but slow and steady is how I'm doing it.

    Let me know if you need recipes. I have a ton of them from someone on WW. I can send you the doc. Email me at if you want them.

  3. Thanks girls! ♥

    I have a SLEW of recipes Amanda, but I'm always up for exploring so thanks for the offer.

    30 pounds is something to be proud of!