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Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm out of the 190s....AGAIN!

I hated that I was in them in the first place. My highest weigh in ever was 198.8 January 2009. Last week I weighed in at 190.8. I knew I had to do something before I reached my highest weight again. After planning my week's meals and dabbling into a little exercise I am down 1.6!

I do miss the first week weigh-ins from when I did Weight Watchers in the past. I remember losing 7.6, 5.2, and other large numbers. I did go out to lunch Wednesday and had fries, and I had a pizza buffet yesterday for lunch. I had my salad (dressing on the side of course) and I only had about one slice of za. I picked at two pieces, but didn't finish either. I felt good about that. Usually at pizza joints I stuff myself to oblivion.

Brother-in-law's wedding is only three weeks away. I'd LOVE to lose 50 pounds by then since his fiance and my mother-on-law like to remind me that I'm a fatass (yes, actual words from their mouths, quite lady-like aren't they), but I know that's not going to happen. If I can't be excited about the wedding, I'd like to be excited about what I'm wearing. I bought this:

Dress from ModCloth:
With these shoes:

I love all things girlie...ruffles, bows, etc. I really hope this dress fits. I'm really excited to see Mr. Whoa's family, and my mom and sister and her family will be attending as well.

I also am aware I will not be reaching my 10,000 calorie goal this month, but I would like to report I exercised twice yesterday. For my full-time job, we had a walk in each of our ten counties for Older American's Month. I was in Greene, Iowa, and we had over thrity participants. It may not seem like much, but for a town of about 1000 people, that was a great turn out. Almost all participants were 60 year old and older, and there was even a lady there who was 95 years old! We did a one mile walk with the particpants. After putting the signs up I figured I walked about two miles yesterday. I didn't bring my HRM or my Nike +, but I walked about 1/2 an hour, which usually calculates about 300 calories.

Last night I went on a bike ride of half an hour. After a few days of the weather being humid and just gross, it was nice to get outside and enjoy the breeze. These work outs don't compare with my previous hour-two hour workouts, but hey, it's something. I used to be an all or nothing type of person, but I've finally grasped the concept that thinking that way burns me out. I am soooo happy to report that I cooked dinner Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday night! I menu planned on Sunday and stuck to it. Disclaimer: I don't cook Tuesdays because I am working at the bar. I also brought my lunch everyday except for Wednesday and Thursday. Two days may not seem like much, but its a huge improvement for me.

I was also getting really bad about my water intake. I have this complex where I only like to drink water from a straw, and my water bottle from Fat Tuesdays in Vegas had mold in it because I left it in my car. I was at Wal-Mart last night and I found an awesome water bottle with a straw that holds both cool and hot drinks for only $5.77. Plus its purple, which makes it super awesome.

Day: 2 (Face palm)
Weather: Sunny, high 70s.
Calories burned: 559
Calories till goal: 8481

Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I haz do-over?

Well I'm back from vacation. As you can see from my picture I didn't meet my 10 pound goal by vacation. I almost did, but I went the wrong way. I weighed myself Saturday before vacation and I was back at 188.6. I weighed this morning and was up to 190.8. For eating myself into oblivian about five days in a row, I'll take less than three pounds for a gain. I actually had my work out clothes and shoes packed, but I unpacked them to make more room in case I bought stuff in Florida. So yeah, my motivation was in the toilet.

I've been making every excuse in the world not to be accountable for my eating and exercise. I blame it on working too much, being tired, not having time to plan, you name it-I probably said it.

I am an all or nothing type of girl-and I need to get away from that. They showed on The Today Show that the key to losing weight is eating less. If I can only focus more on what I'm putting into my mouth, then I could have some success. I love to exercise, but for some reason its an act of congress to get me to go. I have Nike +, awesome trails, a bicycle, gym membership, wii fit, videos, etc. I have access to all of these tools, I just need to utilize them.

I've bouced around the idea of going back to Weight Watchers, but I don't want to spend the money. I didn't count points...I would basically find new ways to manipulate the scale and I would have huge scale anxiety. I think I'm going to give Sparkpeople a whirl.
I generally have Sundays off from the bar job, but I usually just crash. This week my goal is to plan my meals for the week on Sunday. I think we would save a lot of time and money if we could plan, shop, and cook on Sundays.

Here's to baby steps!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Well...April was somewhat of a bust.

My calorie goal was 10,000. I only burned about 3000. I worked out about six days last month. I really need to find a balance with working two jobs, having a husband, spending time with friends and family, working out, and sleeping.

I brought my sneeks to work today and I'm going to walk during lunch. I've been so swamped lately at work, I usually don't even leave my desk. I think it will be good to step away and get outside. They say 1/2 of cardio a day is good for the soul, and I can get about an hour's worth during lunchtime.

I haven't weighed myself since April 9th. I'm trying the monthly thing rather than weekly. I hate obsessing over the scale. This weekend I'll have the moment of truth.

May has started off well for working out. Saturday was supposed to be BFF's first 5K, and I was going to do it with her. We left my place around 9, the start was at 9:30. We couldn't find the starting point, even with a map. The sad thing is, is that it started on UNI's campus, and we're both alumni. It got to be 9:45 and we gave up. We didn't see a group of cars or even people with numbers on them. We were bummed. We decided to pick up my old roomie's Weimaraner, Eddie, and go on a stroll in town. During the walk, my Nike + died, so after wards we drove the route and walked about 6 miles around town.

Day: 1 Weather: Sunny, high 70s. Calories burned: 960 Calories till goal: 9040