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Monday, May 3, 2010

Well...April was somewhat of a bust.

My calorie goal was 10,000. I only burned about 3000. I worked out about six days last month. I really need to find a balance with working two jobs, having a husband, spending time with friends and family, working out, and sleeping.

I brought my sneeks to work today and I'm going to walk during lunch. I've been so swamped lately at work, I usually don't even leave my desk. I think it will be good to step away and get outside. They say 1/2 of cardio a day is good for the soul, and I can get about an hour's worth during lunchtime.

I haven't weighed myself since April 9th. I'm trying the monthly thing rather than weekly. I hate obsessing over the scale. This weekend I'll have the moment of truth.

May has started off well for working out. Saturday was supposed to be BFF's first 5K, and I was going to do it with her. We left my place around 9, the start was at 9:30. We couldn't find the starting point, even with a map. The sad thing is, is that it started on UNI's campus, and we're both alumni. It got to be 9:45 and we gave up. We didn't see a group of cars or even people with numbers on them. We were bummed. We decided to pick up my old roomie's Weimaraner, Eddie, and go on a stroll in town. During the walk, my Nike + died, so after wards we drove the route and walked about 6 miles around town.

Day: 1 Weather: Sunny, high 70s. Calories burned: 960 Calories till goal: 9040

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