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Friday, May 21, 2010

Can I haz do-over?

Well I'm back from vacation. As you can see from my picture I didn't meet my 10 pound goal by vacation. I almost did, but I went the wrong way. I weighed myself Saturday before vacation and I was back at 188.6. I weighed this morning and was up to 190.8. For eating myself into oblivian about five days in a row, I'll take less than three pounds for a gain. I actually had my work out clothes and shoes packed, but I unpacked them to make more room in case I bought stuff in Florida. So yeah, my motivation was in the toilet.

I've been making every excuse in the world not to be accountable for my eating and exercise. I blame it on working too much, being tired, not having time to plan, you name it-I probably said it.

I am an all or nothing type of girl-and I need to get away from that. They showed on The Today Show that the key to losing weight is eating less. If I can only focus more on what I'm putting into my mouth, then I could have some success. I love to exercise, but for some reason its an act of congress to get me to go. I have Nike +, awesome trails, a bicycle, gym membership, wii fit, videos, etc. I have access to all of these tools, I just need to utilize them.

I've bouced around the idea of going back to Weight Watchers, but I don't want to spend the money. I didn't count points...I would basically find new ways to manipulate the scale and I would have huge scale anxiety. I think I'm going to give Sparkpeople a whirl.
I generally have Sundays off from the bar job, but I usually just crash. This week my goal is to plan my meals for the week on Sunday. I think we would save a lot of time and money if we could plan, shop, and cook on Sundays.

Here's to baby steps!


  1. You can do it JaJo! I need to recommit too and am good at excuses. Sparkpeople is good, I've just never been able to stick with it long term.

  2. I tried it a long time ago. The WW points system seems so much easier than calorie counting, even tho it's along the same lines. I just wish I could make WW new again!