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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Groovy Tuesday! SV dudes!

That picture is the story of my life it seems. I lose a bunch and then gain it all back. I'm hoping this time I'm headed down a one-way street. I seem to be going the right direction so far. Today's WI result:


I was so excited to hit my 5 pounds (5.4 to be exact) in three weeks.

I am hoping to start incorporating exercise back into my weight loss regimine, so I'm trying to decide on what gym to join. Mr. Whoa is joining a 24/hr gym just down the road from Casa de Whoa, but my friend sent an email about a new gym that has classes and she said it's almost spa like! I have a love/hate relationship with classes. I think I'm going to tour both of them and make my decision.

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Fat Card.

Mother-in-law was at it again. We went to the Supercross Races up in Millville, Minnesota for Mr. Whoa's birthday. It was hotter than shit out so a lot of girls were there wearing next to nothing. One girl walked by us in a bikini, and mother in called her a fat-ass. This girl was no where near fat, and she is like half my size. I told her she needs to start thinking before she talks because her comments are hurtful.

She apologized later and said it was just a figure of speech and she didn't mean it that way. I asked her how she meant it and she didn't have an explaination. She then said that maybe she is jealous of the way the girl look.

Finally...the truth comes out.

Mother-in-Law, her sisters, and my new ray of fucking sunshine sister-in-law like to toss the fat card. As someone who has struggled with weight pretty much all of my teenage/adult life, those comments get REALLY old. BUT, they know that is one way to get to me. If I was fifty pounds lighter would I be a better person? Probably not. I'd expect I'd be the same. I don't know in what possible way I could be threatening to my mother-in-law and the others, so I'd just like to know why they feel the need to try to bring me down.

How do you deal with negative comments? Are the motivating or detrimental for your weight loss journey?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Groovy Tuesday! SV in the hizzie.....

That isn't me in the picture, but the picture captures my excitement after I got off the scale this morning. Down 1.4 more for a total of 3.6! I'd love to hit five pounds next week, but Mr. Whoa's birthday is tomorrow and we will be out of town this weekend to go to the motocross races. I feel if I survived the 4th of July holiday, I can take on a weekend road trip.

I haven't worked out in over a month, but I plan to slowly work that back in once I've tackled some more weight and feel comfortable enough to add another step. Every other time I've done WW before its been all or nothing, which eventually lead to burn out, boredom, and failure. I'm getting better about tracking...I really need to work on tracking on the weekends. I was worried weighing in on Tuesdays would be devastating, but I think its the best decision I've made in a long time.

LikeWhoa's Goals for the week:
2. Drink a lot of water this weekend, and not drink my weight in beer.
3. Continue to menu plan.

Menu planning has been awesome. I feel we our wallets are heavier and our bodies are lighter. Mr. Whoa and I sit and look at ads and figure out what we want for the week. We used to spend several hundreds of dollars going out to eat and groceries, and now I can usually get away with $100/month or less for groceries.

As Wal-Mart would say: Save Money, Live Better. I hate that store with a firey passion, but I think they have something going there.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lemme see yo grill, ya, ya, ya grill.

Mr. Whoa is on board with whatever I decide to make for dinner. He will eat WW recipes with no complaints, so its nice that I don't have to cook two meals. Mr. Whoa has been saying for a few months that we need a new grill, so thats what I got him for his birthday. Grilling is awesome, and we usually use our grill several times a week if we aren't using the crockpot. I find it much easier to get my veggies in when I have the opportunity to grill them.

I went in to pay my Home Depot bill and I went over to look at the grills. The sales associate was awesome. Went through each grill and explained the pros and cons. It was nice walking into a store and actually be assisted instead of some little asshat playing on the phone ignoring that you're standing there. I really liked the Brinkmann models and I was trying to decide if I wanted one with the smoker (It was $100 more, but smokers themselves can be $200 and up) or the one below it. The sales associate flipped a switch on the lower model and these pretty blue LED lights lit up above each burner. I was sold. I'm such a girl. Mr. Whoa loved his grill...we even fired it up that night. Instead of going out to eat for his birthday on Wednesday, he wants to have people over to grill out. I'm excited because it will cost less and I can actually count points instead of guestimate. You could say I had a selfish motive when buying this gift, but it's no different than him buying me lingere ;)

One of my guy friends helped me load this bitch up and helped me carry it up to my second floor apartment. I was sweating so bad I felt I should have counted APs. Mr. Whoa was delighted about the birthday surprise when he arrived home from work.

What are some of your favorite things to grill?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm out of the 190s....AGAIN. Take two.

I like this picture because of the honesty to it. I've been asked on a number of occasions when I'm due, and its devistating. I can only blame myself for getting to this point, but I know its not too late to change things.

I survived my first week back on WW online. A holiday weekend mind you. I did not partake in any BBQs or potlucks, but I did indulge a bit this weekend. I had a couple things at the bar when I was working this weekend and I did drink Friday, saturday, and Sunday night. I don't usually do benders like that, but I had friends in town and when the weather is craptastic we drink. Hell...we drink anyway.

First weigh in went great! I was down 2.2, so I'm back in the 180s. I tracked most days and stayed within points, but I HAVE to learn to get better about tracking on weekends.

This week my schedule is crazy since I have to close the bar three nights this week and work my other job, so exercise might have to be put off again. I've been looking for an elliptical or tredmill so I can do a quick workout before work at home or even when I'm watching tv at night. Since there wont be much exercise, I HAVE to be good about eating. They say losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Have a great week everyone!