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Monday, July 12, 2010

Lemme see yo grill, ya, ya, ya grill.

Mr. Whoa is on board with whatever I decide to make for dinner. He will eat WW recipes with no complaints, so its nice that I don't have to cook two meals. Mr. Whoa has been saying for a few months that we need a new grill, so thats what I got him for his birthday. Grilling is awesome, and we usually use our grill several times a week if we aren't using the crockpot. I find it much easier to get my veggies in when I have the opportunity to grill them.

I went in to pay my Home Depot bill and I went over to look at the grills. The sales associate was awesome. Went through each grill and explained the pros and cons. It was nice walking into a store and actually be assisted instead of some little asshat playing on the phone ignoring that you're standing there. I really liked the Brinkmann models and I was trying to decide if I wanted one with the smoker (It was $100 more, but smokers themselves can be $200 and up) or the one below it. The sales associate flipped a switch on the lower model and these pretty blue LED lights lit up above each burner. I was sold. I'm such a girl. Mr. Whoa loved his grill...we even fired it up that night. Instead of going out to eat for his birthday on Wednesday, he wants to have people over to grill out. I'm excited because it will cost less and I can actually count points instead of guestimate. You could say I had a selfish motive when buying this gift, but it's no different than him buying me lingere ;)

One of my guy friends helped me load this bitch up and helped me carry it up to my second floor apartment. I was sweating so bad I felt I should have counted APs. Mr. Whoa was delighted about the birthday surprise when he arrived home from work.

What are some of your favorite things to grill?

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  1. Looks great! We grill steaks, corn on the cob, veggie kebobs (peppers, onions, potatoes usually) and then I made some fruit kebobs (strawberry and pineapple) that were good too