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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Groovy Tuesday! SV in the hizzie.....

That isn't me in the picture, but the picture captures my excitement after I got off the scale this morning. Down 1.4 more for a total of 3.6! I'd love to hit five pounds next week, but Mr. Whoa's birthday is tomorrow and we will be out of town this weekend to go to the motocross races. I feel if I survived the 4th of July holiday, I can take on a weekend road trip.

I haven't worked out in over a month, but I plan to slowly work that back in once I've tackled some more weight and feel comfortable enough to add another step. Every other time I've done WW before its been all or nothing, which eventually lead to burn out, boredom, and failure. I'm getting better about tracking...I really need to work on tracking on the weekends. I was worried weighing in on Tuesdays would be devastating, but I think its the best decision I've made in a long time.

LikeWhoa's Goals for the week:
2. Drink a lot of water this weekend, and not drink my weight in beer.
3. Continue to menu plan.

Menu planning has been awesome. I feel we our wallets are heavier and our bodies are lighter. Mr. Whoa and I sit and look at ads and figure out what we want for the week. We used to spend several hundreds of dollars going out to eat and groceries, and now I can usually get away with $100/month or less for groceries.

As Wal-Mart would say: Save Money, Live Better. I hate that store with a firey passion, but I think they have something going there.


  1. Way to go!!! Have fun on the weekend trip!

  2. Wow, $100/month? that's awesome! what do you eat? i usually spend $100/week - i need your meals :)

  3. Thanks :)

    Keep in mind that Mr. Whoa fends for himself for some lunches and two nights a week when I work at the bar, so that expense isn't included. We have separate accounts so whatever he wants to spend his money (lunch everyday) it's up to him.

    I use my crockpot religiously and free a lot of meats/meals. That saves a lot of time and money in the long run. I also recently went shopping in my cupboards, and looked up several recipes for stuff I already had.

  4. *Freeze a lot of meats/meals. :)