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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Fat Card.

Mother-in-law was at it again. We went to the Supercross Races up in Millville, Minnesota for Mr. Whoa's birthday. It was hotter than shit out so a lot of girls were there wearing next to nothing. One girl walked by us in a bikini, and mother in called her a fat-ass. This girl was no where near fat, and she is like half my size. I told her she needs to start thinking before she talks because her comments are hurtful.

She apologized later and said it was just a figure of speech and she didn't mean it that way. I asked her how she meant it and she didn't have an explaination. She then said that maybe she is jealous of the way the girl look.

Finally...the truth comes out.

Mother-in-Law, her sisters, and my new ray of fucking sunshine sister-in-law like to toss the fat card. As someone who has struggled with weight pretty much all of my teenage/adult life, those comments get REALLY old. BUT, they know that is one way to get to me. If I was fifty pounds lighter would I be a better person? Probably not. I'd expect I'd be the same. I don't know in what possible way I could be threatening to my mother-in-law and the others, so I'd just like to know why they feel the need to try to bring me down.

How do you deal with negative comments? Are the motivating or detrimental for your weight loss journey?

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  1. She could be putting you down because you're married to her "baby". It seems no girl is ever good enough in mom's eyes. Regardless of their comments you ARE awesome. Use them to motivate you. And kudos for saying something to her about her comments.