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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Im the F to the RUG the A the L...

Totally kidding.  I decided I suck at losing weight, working out, money, and blogging. 

I decided I'm going to take charge of my finances.  Its been months since I've balanced a checkbook.  Some weeks I'm making more than I did in two at my old job, but I can never figure out where my money goes.  So I decided to rifel through my dirty purse and go through my receipts and compare to my bank statements. 

Isn't it a mess?  $4.67 at the gas station, $6.49 at McDonalds, $12.83 at Walgreens, $35.48 at the grocery store.  All those little purchases in a month or so totalled up to about $500.  Man, I wanted to puke. 

I printed off a cute template for a grocery list and looked at the ads before I hit the store.  I organized my coupons for stuff I needed, grabbed my animal print totes, and was on my way.  I ended up using six coupons, saving me $5.30.

Its nothing compared to, "Holy shit, I got $600 worth of stuff for $10," but hey, its a start.  I mean it only took a couple minutes to go through and cut them out of the paper.  I would like to do more research on comparing ads and coupons and maybe getting some stuff for free.  I also signed up for CVS rewards to hopefully get some sweet deals.  I love to shop at Target and you get 5% off your purchase when you use your card.  I can get pretty naughty in Target tho, so I have to be strict with myself and stick to my list.  :p

One thing I do promise is that I wont buy shit I don't need or use.  The last thing I want is to start hoarding (which many may argue that its not, but hello, wake up and smell your twenty cans of Folgers).  So we will see where this leads and how much is saved.  Even if its only $20/month or so, thats not too shabby for cutting a few pieces of paper.

I also bought this cute little coupon organizer from Etsy:

I feel that things are easier when you're being stylish.  :)

So thats where I'm at right now.  Just going to try to save some money and tackle the weight thing later.  Or else if a plastic surgeon wants to marry me, then both problems will be solved. 

Happy saving everyone!