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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dude, where's my blog? you are. ;)

I apologize for the 5+ month hiatus, readers. For those who are still following, thank you. I thought about starting a whole new blog, but I feel like my spare time is minimal, plus I weigh less than I did when I left off. ;)

So in the past almost six months, I have concluded that my 29th year of age is the most fucked up one I have ever encountered. I left my job of six years in human services to go work at a factory. Yes...I've turned on my high heels for tractor wheels. Do I like it? Most days. Do I think it was the best decision? That I can't tell you quite yet. Its a foot in the door to a multi-billion dollar company with potential to advancement. Will I advance? Time can only tell, but for now my expectations are low. I am getting the main thing I wanted out of it, which is to leave work AT work.

My five year wedding anniversary is coming up, and my husband and I are taking a step back to try to work on things. If things don't improve, we are going to end. It sounds weird, like a return policy almost. I'm scared, confused, hurt. I cry a lot. My family tells me to do what makes me happy, which doesn't make it any easier, because I don't know what that would be. My friends, well I wont even go there. I feel like a lone solider, fighting in a war. Its funny that when you need people the most, they are nowhere around. There is a special group of girls I email with on a daily basis, and its sad to say I feel like they are better friends most of the time compared to the ones I have in real life. And I've only met a handful of them in person.

A positive in the past couple months is that my nephew was baptised! He surprised me at the church asking if I would be his Godmother. Its such an honor, he is seriously my favorite person in the whole world. Smart little booger too. Here is a picture from that day:p>

I rejoined Weight Watchers for the millionth time on March 30th. So far I am digging the new Points Plus! I've lost 12 pounds since I've started. For my 10 pound/5% goal I treated myself to a pedicure. I was sad they didn't have the new OPI Shatter, but I opted for a sparkly teal color. I'm not sure what I will do once I hit 15 pounds....maybe get a massage. I could sure use one.

I'm hoping to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday, which is less than 7 months away. I don't usually set "lose this by this day" goals, but how fun would it be to say that I reached two 30 milestones in a year? Because honestly, I cannot wait to turn 30, and hopefully I will be celebrating in Sin City.

I will try to get my stats and all that updated soon....I just feel like I don't have time. I miss blogging and reading what all of you others are up to. Hope all is well....please feel free to drop me a line. ♥