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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Comfort Food

I was emailing with my usual set of ladies yesterday and one brought up chicken and noodles. Holy shit....I haven't had those in forever. I used to waitress at a diner that was straight up comfort food. I guess there was a reason I put on about twenty pounds the nine months I worked there. They had chicken and noodles on their menu and it was amazing, like total foodgasm. I looked up a recipe and made it more point friendly, and yes, I used the crockpot. :)

Chicken And Noodles

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 cans rf cream of chicken soup
2 cans low sodium chicken broth
1 package Reames (or other brand) Homestyle egg noodles


Rinse chicken breasts and cut into chunks. Coat lightly with salt, pepper, and garlic powder (optional). Place in slow cooker.
Combine soups and pour over chicken.
Cook on low 8 hours. Two hours before serving add package of frozen noodles. Turn to high and stir occasionally.

The Verdict: DELISH! Probably not the most point-friendly dinner, but hey, it tasted good. I served over mashed potatoes (I know...starches like whoa) and green beans. I was full just after a few bites. It is also Mr. Whoa approved. I made him up a tub for leftovers and I'll be freezing the rest.

Oh yeah....I worked out too. I ran. I usually do a walk/run combo, but yesterday I ran most of it. I felt amazing, even tho I thought my calves were going to burst into flames. I did the bike after a little over 20 minutes of the dredmill and BAM:

522 calories down. Which leaves 8647 left to reach my calorie goal by the end of the month. Thats a little less than 400 calories a day. Impossible? No. Likely going to happen? Probably not, but hey, its something to aim towards.

Anyone take classes at their gym? Favorites? Ones you'd never step foot in again?


  1. Favs: BodyPump, BodyStep, Zumba, Latin Hip Hop

    Not so fav: Spinning (I used to like it but there are much better ways to burn cals).

    Good job on getting those workouts in. I'm hitting the gym tonight for BodyStep & BodyPump. After my stir-fry (high fat) lunch I need it.

  2. I'm not big on spinning ass always hurt!

    I loved body pump, hope you had fun!

  3. LOVE spinning, but i'm quite picky about instructors. Body Pump is good. Kickboxing is a ball, but i got sick of it after doing it 3x a week for months, so now i do it only 1 a week or so. and I hate Bootcamp and wanna cry when i'm on my way to it, but it WORKS.

    )))zumba, hip hop, and any sort of dance.((( i don't get a lot of calorie burn, probably because i'm too uncoordinated to do the moves.

    mmmmm, comfort food.