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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gym on a Friday? Don't mind if I do.

Some people are working for the weekend, and honestly its no BFD to me because I bartend on Saturdays. So my weekend is usually Sunday. I had my gym bag packed and ready to go when I headed to work on Friday morning, and by the time 3pm rolled around I was thinking of a million excuses not to hit the gym. The gym is on my way home, so I really have no excuse not to go. I rode the bike for half and hour and did a walk/run combo for 20 minutes. I have a stack of about thirty magazines I need to read from this past year, so I love the bike because I can get caught up on those, even tho it isn't a huge calorie torcher. I even have a stack of Marie Claire, which I am avoiding like the plague due to a couple of their recent articles that aren't "fat friendly."

BUT.....You know the awesome thing about the gym on a Friday? It's a freaking ghost town. JaJo doesn't have to wait for machines, has control over what stations the tv is on, and no lurkers. :D

Well...that helps with the two cheddar bay biscuits I had for lunch :)

My goals are still going fairly well!
1. No fast food: Still going stong, even tho I want a freaking McRib!
2. No soda: I had a squirt on Saturday at work because my tummy was rumbly, but other than that its been water and iced tea.
3. Financially fit: I've paid off 3 cards, and very close to my 4th. I have to pay off my mattress by the 21st of this month in order for the no interest to be applied. If I would have paid more than my minimum payment the past year in a half I could have had this sucker paid off by now. With my extra money bartending and getting paid three times last month I should be a-ok.
4. One new recipe a week: French Dips were a success, buffalo chicken pasta was a success. I'm still looking at receipes for dinner many yummy options out there!
5. Activity 1x/week. Like I said last time it may not sound like much, but I know its a goal I can reach. When I can't, I just get frustrated and just want to hide under my bed with a bottle of Jack Daniels. 831 calories down, 9169 to go!
6. New goal: Watch my phone use. I am addicted to my phone, especially since I got a new Android phone. I text my friends all through out the day, and I'm really bad when I'm out with people. So for my friends and family sake, I'm going to work on not being "connected" all of the time. I could relate to this commercial, and I feel like an asshole.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. lol that commercial is awesome.

    mmm cheddar bay biscuits.

    mcrib= not worth it. forget about it!!

  2. Your doing awesome Jami!!

    Here's another good crockpot recipe that Jillian gave me! It was a hit with my family!

  3. I haven't broken down and gotten a McRib yet. I'm going to try the Morningstar Farms ribs to get my fix. :)

    Thanks Meg! That looks simple and sounds tasty. I'll have to try that next week!