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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another card bites the dust,

The shopping Gods are mad at me. I am trying to schedule pay off dates for my credit cards, and I had one scheduled to be paid off in December. I was so excited about paying a card off Monday, I just went ahead and paid this one off today. I even paid it two weeks early, which is NOT how I usually do it. I had a good tip night while bartending last night, so I took Mr. Whoa to lunch today, and decided to put the rest toward my Dillards card. As I logged into my email to get my statement, and then I get this:

Nice try asshole. I thought maybe I should take advantage of the pretty mustard (which is one of my favorite colors by the way) for under $200. That was only for a second. I clicked off the page and proceeded on to my online banking. Officially paid in full. Woot.

I did have an earlier financial distraction.

I got a lot of nays and yays about I'm on the fence. I think they are totally cute, but I have to wonder if they will even go over my tree trunks that I have for legs. Or will I be mistaken for Vivian Ward? Don't remember who that is? Well here....let me show you:

Now I think Miss Kim Kardashian wears them wonderfully.

I haven't been shopping for myself in a long time. I've been doing well with paying things off/down, I bring my breakfast and lunch to work almost everyday, and I check ads and coupons before I grocery shop. I stopped getting my hair colored and I no longer get my nails done. I cancelled Netflix (not for financial reasons, just because they were asswads), and I stopped drinking soda. Plus I work two jobs. I may go check the boots out, but I want to wait a couple of days to see if the novelty wears off.

I wish the debt fairy would come take mine away! Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. You are one strong cookie! I totally folded on a Coach purse and wallet. Hubby was not too happy about me spending $240 the other day at the Coach Outlet but I tried to explain that is a small amount compared to what others spend. Oh well.

    Anyways - good job on paying off debt. I wish I knew how to bartend and could have a 2nd job doing it. I would love that. I would love some extra money right about now too. I think I have about $15,000 in cc debt. I can't see that going away anytime soon. If you see the debt fairy please send her my way.

  2. CC debt is hard to get out of! I feel like I'm swimming in it now instead of sinking. It just sucks that I probably just paid a shirt off that I bought in college lol.

    When I started bartending I had NO experience. I had been a server before, but nothing to do with alcohol. It's easy once you get the swing...just apply at a few places!

    I work at a little pub, so its pretty informal. I wont work anywhere corporate.

  3. Hey. It's funny that you talked about debt in this post. I got my credit card bill today and wad SCHOCKED to find that my minium payment went up to 43 dollars. I don't understand why? It was 20 dollars just a couple months ago. My mom told me that the government passed something where the minium payment on cards will go up.
    I don't know what I'm going to do. I CANT afford this.

  4. Yeah I need to start saving and get myself out of this debt. I will have to keep my eyes open for little bars in my area. I don't want to work at any corp places either or real big crazy bars. Just a nice little bar where the regulars get to know you. Like Cheer's I guess!