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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Curb stompin the credit cards. in the hell is it mid-October already?! The weather has been crazy weird here in Iowa. One day its 80 degrees, and the next its 35 degrees and raining. Monthly weigh in is approaching, which I am a little nervous for. I'm going to the Packers vs Vikings game in November, so I wanted to get a jersey for the occasion. Even tho I may have not lost (probably gained) weight this month, I felt pretty stinking cute when I tried this on. I know a lot of people say skinny jeans aren't for girls who have tree trunks as legs, but I think they look good. :)

Mr. Whoa and I went to Branson, MO for a little getaway earlier this month and the day we got there I got the flu. It was horrible. I couldn't keep a thing in me. So when I was feeling up to par, all I wanted to do was eat. I was SO was terrible. I also did have a few sodas, which made me feel even worse. I guessing from going from three sodas a day to about five in a month isn't so bad. I felt icky after we got home. I couldn't wait to detox.

I have kicked major ass on the no fast food. I thought it would be the hardest thing in the world to do, but it hasn't been. Sometimes I would eat it twice a day, so to not have it for a month and a half I'm pretty proud of myself. Now if I could only work on not having bar food at work....I'd be good. :)

One thing I really need to work on is hitting the gym. I pay for it, but I never go. Sometimes I hate working two jobs, especially when my part time one goes till 2-3 in the morning. I love my bartending job, and the money is great, so quitting is not an option right now. I've cut back on eating there a lot, especially since I no longer drink soda. It's hard to choose between sleep and gym time, because sleep usually wins. I need to start making it a priority.

Another goal I have added is to be financially fit. In the past month I have paid off two credit cards, and am very close to paying off a third. I feel the less stress you have, the more control you have over your life. When I'm stressed I can totally eat enough food to feel an army, so the less I have to pay for the better I will feel.

So I apologize for being such a lazy blogger lately. I have no idea where the time goes!


  1. I love the picture!! You look great in your skinny jeans and your jersey. I'm also jealous you are going to a Packers/Vikings game. It should be a good game if the Vikings come out and play. They have a horrible game against the Jets last night. I was so mad I stayed up to watch it. Last year they did so good and it was so fun to watch but this year they are horrible. Anyways - have fun! You look HOT!!

  2. Girl you look hot in your jersey and your skinny jeans! Way to go! Although, I am a bronco's yeah! Haha! You are doing great! Your post inspired me to start working on being more "financial fit"! I soooo need to pay some cc's off! Have fun at the game!

  3. Thanks girls! The Packers have been playing like poo lately too, so this should be an interesting game.

    Thats funny Jennifer because my #1 team is the Broncos, but I also like the Packers as a closer to home team.