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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Try to catch me ridin dirrrty.

My husband is Boardies may know him as Mr. Whoa and my friends know him as Dustie, but no matter what you call him, he's the shit. I had a terrible day at work last week, and I came home to a nice surprise. He bought me a pretty purple bicycle. We've been talking about different activities to do together and bike riding came up. My old bike was a little small, and this one is the perfect fit.

However, having a little, hell, a lot of junk in the trunk, makes bike riding painful. I bought the Cadillac of bike seats for $19.96 at Wal-Mart. I love it, except for the fact its called a saddle. Oh well, my rump isn't crying when I'm done riding.

Since I don't see Mr. Whoa as much as we should because of our crazy schedules, I try to meet him for lunch a few Saturdays a month when he's at work. Instead of hopping in my car to meet him, I hopped on the Grape Escape (yes, I named my bike) and rode to his work. Its a little less than two and a half miles one way, so I thought it would be perfect for my first ride.

I'd like to eventually ride to work at least one time a week. Work from home is about 10-11 miles which isn't too bad, but I need to find a decent route where traffic isn't too heavy and where the trails aren't underwater. That will be my goal in the next few weeks to find the best way, and then try to find the balls to actually do it.

I rode about half an hour yesterday for the round trip. I burned 402 calories, which was more than I expected. My legs are a little sore today, and I've been spinning as well.

Day: 5
Weather: High 60s, very sunny and windy.
Calories burned: 406
Calories till goal: 7556

At this point, if I burn 5000 calories this month I will be happy.

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