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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sore ass and legs, party of one.

Okay I realize its the 8th day of the month. I haven't worked out since Friday. I was looking forward to going straight home today after work. Going right home is VERY rare for me. Between working two jobs, running errands, gym time, and any other commitment-doesn't leave me a lot of home time. How the eff does it get so messy? Must be the underpants gnomes.

One of my besties, CT, always posts on Facebook what workout she will be doing that day to hold herself accountable. This morning she said she had Ultimate Results and Spin class after work. Being the good girl that I am, I packed my gym bag just in case. I inquired about the time of Ultimate Results. CT said it was at 4:45 and asked if I wanted to join her. I didn't, but I'm glad I did.

Ultimate results works with free weights to tone the body. You wouldn't think 12-15 pounds weights would be too straining...but oweeee. After that class was over, we ventured to spin. This instructor is super hard, but it was a great workout. 862 calories later, we were done. I'm very happy I went. My daily calorie goal went up a litte since I haven't gone every day, but the goal is still in reach.

Day: 3 Weather: Inside, very hot and stuff Calories burned: 862 Calories to goal: 8168

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