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Friday, April 2, 2010

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Woods Ya'll!

Day: 2
Weather: Hot and stuffy gym. Big storm looked like a hurricane.
Calories burned: 540
Carories till goal: 9030

So during my run on the tredmil my iPod fell. I am thinking about investing in an armband. I have a clip now that I like and it just attached to my pants/shorts. The last two times I've been running it falls off and the sensor detaches ending my workout. It really grinds my gears.

I did some interval running today and then I heard a voice over Lady Gaga. Was it God? I thought so at first. was Tiger Woods. He came over my Nike + to congratulate me for completing my fastest mile. Why couldn't it have been Christopher Meloni?

Since my iPod was being an asspanda, I actually have 4 different workouts for today on my Nike +, when it was supposed to be one 5K. I'm going to try to have a more consistent run instead of intervals and see what happens.

Besides running....what are some of your favorite activities?

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