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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Forgive me father, for I have sinned...

it has been almost three weeks since my last workout, weigh in, being accountable, and actually giving a shit.

<---- Mr. Whoa and I at his brother's wedding.

Weddings, working two jobs, humidity; you name it, I'm using it as an excuse. So after three weeks of not running and eating pretty much whatever, I'm back to 191. I feel gross and flabby, haven't been sleeping well, and my eating has been crazy like whoa. It upsets me its taken weeks to not even lose five pounds, to put it back on in no time. The Bix is only a month away, and the half marathon is about three. I really really really want to finish a half marathon. I better get my ass in gear, eh?

I bit the bullet and signed up for WW online. I liked the meetings, but I don't want to spend $40/month and to be honest, there is always a couple of attention whores in each meeting. Not that I want the spotlight, but I'm tired of dealing with one-uppers. Thanks to my buddy google, I found a promo code that took off the sign up fee, so I saved a little more money. People may think its suicide to sign up before a holiday weekend, but if I don't, I wont ever start. So here's to you Weight Watchers-you win again.


    Congrats on your decision to join WW again.
    Weight watchers and I have had an on again off again relationship in the past and right now we're on again.

  2. I LOVEEEE the dress. what brand?

  3. Thanks ladies!

    I ordered the dress from The Limited website. I googled a coupon code for that as well ;)