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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Remember that commercial...

that Godzilla is in someone's stomach and is clawing up the sides? Yeah...thats what happened to me when I was out on my three mile run tonight. I had to turn back early to get home so I only did 2.2 miles. I had the worst pain in my side and stomach and was worried that I might not make it home. What do you do when there are no restrooms on your routes? Are you, as Bon Jovi would say, "Livin' on a prayer?"

I discovered this site called TheDailyMile. I love it. You can enter in your miles, pace (it will figure that out), calories, and even how you feel. I love that you can post results to Facebook because I feel that holds me accountable. Am I fast? Hell to the no, but hey, I'm out there doing something. You can also enter in races and it will do countdowns for you. People can comment on your workouts or they can "motivate" you. It's basically Facebook for workouts, but I need something that will keep me in line.

My dress from ModCloth was a total fail. I had pit tits like whoa, and it wasn't as dressy as it looked in the picture. Thanks to the ggroup girls, they directed me back to The Limited. Dresses are 30% off this week, and I found this nice little number. The Limited wouldn't let me steal a pic off the site, so here is the address:

My hair is reddish and I'm almost as pale as the model (why can't I be that skinny) so I'm hoping this dress will work out. I got it about 1/2 price with a coupon code and the 30% discount. Mommy likie.

While everyone else was boating, being outside, etc over Memorial Day weekend, I took the liberty of cleaning out my cupboards. I threw out the old food and then wrote down everything in the cupboards and in the fridge. I looked up recipes, menu planned for the next week and grocery shopped accordingly. I spent $55 at the grocery store, I bought basically everything on sale and had coupons. I also bought a rotiserrie chicken and I used that for last night and tonights dinner. It may be a little more costly than the blsl chicken breasts, but it comes off the bone easily and its nom nom nom! Mr. Whoa is kind of an ass about leftovers, but he's getting better. We're trying not to go out to eat so much so we can fatten our wallets and thin our waistlines. We've been very good this week. ***High five, Mr. Whoa!***

Have a good weekend everyone! How do you plan on staying on-program?

Day: 2
Weather: Breezy, high 70’s.
Calories burned: 350
Calories till goal: 9085

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