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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I cheated. Just a little.

I've been naughty about weighing in the past couple weeks. It seems everytime I start Weight Watchers I'm good about the first three weeks and then I avoid the scale like the plague.

When I say I cheated, its because I normally weigh in on Tuesdays, and it is now Thursday. Not to manipulate the scale, but I didn't want to experience a bad weigh in next week since I will be traveling. First Stop:

My nephew's 6th birthday party! I can't believe how fast he is growing. He lives two hours away from me and I miss him dearly. Isn't he cute?

Next stop:

The Iowa State Fair! Last year I took the risk and met some fellow Midwest Weight Watchers boardies. We've decided to make it an annual outing.

see*pam*shrink, treb*in*trouble, lesjo81, and me-likewhoa

The Iowa State Fair is known for fanny packs, mullets (they really do have a mullet competition) and of course, food-on-a-stick. They have about 50 different options for food on a stick. This is what I SHOULD be having:

But I think I'd rather have this:

And a few of these:

I did have a SV of 1.4 this morning! I really need to get back on the workout wagon. 180s...I can't wait to be out of you again!


  1. I love the picture with you and 2 drinks in your hand. Very cute!

  2. Thank you! The bloody mary was a little too spicy so it only seemed appropriate to wash down with a beer ;)